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John D'Greck - Biography/Biografía

John D'Greck  in his own words:

" I am an artist that makes art without prejudice, without dogmatic ties and I only use myths as references for my creations."

"Since the 1960's my work has been mainly abstract.  I consider it to be the best medium to generate individual sensations by helping to express the energy we all carry inside.  I use the intensity of color as the trigger that activates the capacity for ideas within every human being; a capacity limited only by our spiritual, cultural and physical conditions."
 John D'Greck nació en Manizales, Colombia en 1941.  D'Greck estudió Bellas Artes en la Universidad de Caldas en Manizales, a donde recibió una beca para estudiar en La Facultad de Artes Visuales de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia en Bogotá. D'Greck un artista por naturaleza, ha vivido por y para el arte desde los años 60.  D'Greck siguió el consejo de una reconocida critica de arte y se retiro a vivir lejos de la civilización para encontrase a si mismo. Durante 30 años de vivir en comunión con la naturaleza, experimentando con todo tipo de elementos, aprendió mas de 140 técnicas de arte, incluyendo dos de su propia invención.

Cool Head Riding a Hot Charge

John D’Greck was born in Manizales, Colombia in 1941. He studied Fine Arts at the Universidad de Caldas (University of Caldas) in Manizales, where he earned a scholarship to attend La Facultad de Artes Visuales de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia (The School of Visual Arts in the National University of Colombia) in Bogotá, from which he graduated in 1961

Return of the Master

A true artist by nature, D’Greck has lived for and by his art since the 1960s, although in his early years he experienced with television scenography, ran an art gallery in Bogotá, and taught at the University of Caldas.

Following the advise of a respected art critic, the young D’Greck left the bustling art scene of Bogotá and went into the wilderness to find his inner self.  During 30 years of living in communion with nature, and experimenting with every possible element, he mastered over 140 art techniques—including two of his own

About Us

Soki Filming TV Expose on Art in Colombia

During a trip to Colombia in 2011, Brian and Bertha Kreiger had the distinct pleasure of meeting the accomplished artist John D'Greck where he was living in a secluded remote farm in the mountains outside Cali, Colombia. He had been out of the high end art world for many years, but his mastery of color and expression of energy through his work impressed Brian and Bertha, who immediately decided that such artistry should be experienced by others around the world.  To this end they founded Bachue Galleries, LLC.   

Durante un viaje a Colombia, Brian y Bertha Kreiger tuvieron el placer de conocer al Maestro John D'Greck en su lugar de residencia, en un chalet ubicado en las afueras de Cali, Colombia, alejado por muchisimo tiempo del ambiente artistico. La maestría del color y la expresión de energía plasmada en su trabajo dejó encantados a Bertha y a Brian-los cuales decidieron que semejante expresión artística debía ser vista alrededor del mundo.  Para ese fin fundaron la Galería Bachué.  

Soki in Bogata with Director of National Muesum

Meeting with Director of Museo de Nacional located in Bogata, Colombia

Soki in front of D'Greck Mural in Manizales University

Doing research on D'Greck's early years in his home town of Manizales located high in the mountaions of Caldas, Colombioa